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Student Vote

Student Vote is an authentic learning program that provides students with the opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and practice the habits of active and informed citizenship.
Osoyoos Elementary Votes October 17, 2019
Election Tools for Parents:
2019 General Federal Election October 21, 2019
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Check to see if your registered to vote, or register to vote.
Click here to find where and how to cast your vote.
Vote Compass is a tool developed by political scientists for exploring how your views align with those of the parties
Teacher Resources
Find the program guide and teaching resources to help you teach about government structures, the voting process, and bias/verifying information.
You will find a game to help teach how to spot "fake news" and verify online information. Additionally resources to help you teach bias, using a role-play scenario.
Student Links
Pollenize 2019
A break down of the candidates and their policies in a clear, organized way so that you can make an informed vote.
vote compass youth
Vote Compass: Youth
The youth edition of Vote Compass is designed to allow people to explore the political landscape. This version, however, is not specific to a given election and can be used at anytime.