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On this page you can find information on Healthy Schools by Interior Health, Canada's Food Guide, Children's Mental & Wellness Resources, Bullying Resources & Help, and Internet Safety & Parenting Help.
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Penticton & Area Crisis Line 250-493-6622
Bullying Resources & Help
What to do if your child is being bullied:
  • Listen to your child entirely before reacting
  • Involve your child in finding solutions
  • With your child’s help, create a team of support for you and your child (teachers, school, counselors, trusted family members, etc.)
  • Help your child learn how to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Build your child’s capacity to respond effectively to the bullying by:
  • Abstaining from violence
  • Not counter-bullying
  • Help your child to build their self-esteem by:
  • Engaging them in activities they enjoy
  • Praising their good efforts and accomplishments
  • Remind your child that you love them
  • Know when the problem is getting too big for them, and seek appropriate intervention
  • To get help: Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 or
Recommended Sleep
Mental Health &
Wellness Resources
Presented by:
Government of British Columbia
Resources and information of Child & Teen Mental Heath in BC.
Presented by:H
BC Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention
Online chat is available from Noon to 1 AM in BC
Presented by:
BC Children's Hospital
Foundry offers young people ages 12-24 health and wellness resources, services and supports – online and through integrated service centres in seven communities across BC.
Presented by:
BC Children's Hospital
A provincial source of mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support for children, youth, and families.
Presented by:
Anxiety Canada Association
Online resource providing self-help information for parents/caregivers supporting their children and anxiety, stress, depression, panic, etc.
Presented by:
7 BC mental health non-profits
Info/support links/ created by 7 leading BC mental health and addictions agencies to help prevent, manage and live with mental health and substance use problems.
Presented by:
BC Provincial Health Services Authority
Dealing with depression, Designed for adolescents experiencing low mood or depression. Go-to strategies for teens to cop. Can use it alone or with the support of an adult.
Presented by:

The Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples


A newly piloted youth chat online support service through NEED Crisis and info line based in Victoria. This gives youth with anonymous and confidential support through a discussion forum, email counselling, and line one to one chat counseling service.

Presented by:
University of Ottawa
An interactive health magazine for youth online. It is designed to foster health literacy and good health decision making. Each month we will focus on a key health issue through a series of novel and interactive materials including interactive and pop up quizes, info sheets and how to sheets, as well as selected Q & A's.
Presented by:
BC Schizophrenia Society
An award-winning show that mixes music and brain science to education young people and their teachers
Presented by:
Fraser South Intervention
This is the Fraser South early psychosis intervention program website. It promotes early detection, education about psychosis and provides direction for seeking help.
Presented by:
We, Us, Them
A website dedicated to improve the mental health of youth
Presented by:
YoungMinds People
A UK website with resources
Presented by:
YouthNet ReseauAdo
We are YouthNet ReseauAdo (YNRA) Ottawa; a French and English youth mental health promotion and intervention program. We want to you about mental  health.
Presented by: Nemours
Depression is very common. For more information about depression and feeling better, check this out.
Presented by:
Australian Medical Association
Dr. YES (youth education sessions) is a program ran by the Australian Medical Association where medical students go out to metropolitan and rural high schools.
Presented by:
A youth for youth initiative which helps to encourage youth throughout Canada to make healthy, informed decisions and get involved.
Presented by:
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
Join the movement empowering young people to recognize and face the influences around us including the pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol.
Presented by:
The Ministry of
Children & Youth
Explains different ways to access help, how to help others, and address other issues
Presented by:
Ministry of Justice
A learning tool about making tough choices
Presented by:
Find a variety of resources on internet safety by the RCMP